This setting will allow you to have different game slot lengths on the drag and drop scheduling screen. After checking this box you will be able to modify the slot length in the field availability section of the site.

  1. Access your tournament.
  2. Go to General Info.
  3. Scroll down, click Advanced Settings.
  4. Select Change Drag and Drop Scheduling Slot Lengths.
  5. When finished, click Save.
  6. Go to the Courts/Fields page.
  7. Click on an individual field or click Default Availability.
  8. Set the start time, end time, and Game Slot Length for each time slot. 
  9. When finished, click Save.
  10. Click General Info.
  11. Set Schedule Increment to the shortest Game Slot Length that you used.


  • These settings will only affect the drag and drop scheduling and will NOT affect the batch scheduler screen.
  • If using this feature, you will need to set the Game Slot Length for every availability slot in the drag & drop scheduler.