1. While managing your desired tournament, click General Info.
  2. At the top of the page, in the Draft Mode heading, click Publish Your Tournament.
  3. Pay the fees, and your tournament will be published. The schedule will not be released upon publishing.
  4. When you'd like to make the schedule active, at the top of the General Info page, check Make Schedule Available to Public.

NOTE: You cannot publish a tournament without entering teams and completing the schedule. If you are trying to set up online registration, see:

If you'd like, you can use this template to send to your coaches:

Hey Coach,

We are using Tourney Machine this weekend for scheduling and score updates. As a coach, you can receive score updates and important news updates from me via text or e-mail by going to [YOUR PUBLIC RESULTS LINK]. You can also download the Tourney Machine app from the App Store and Google Play and search for the event.

NOTE: In addition, we strongly recommend you send the following in an email to the parents of your athletes so they can get the app and sign up for notifications:


Hey Parents,

For this tournament, all schedule and score updates are being powered by Tourney Machine.

Go to [YOUR PUBLIC RESULTS LINK] to view the schedule on your computer. To download the app on your mobile device, search for Tourney Machine on the App Store or Google Play.

You can also follow your team and receive tournament updates (score postings, schedule changes, and news) via text and email.

  1. Go to [YOUR PUBLIC RESULTS LINK] on your computer
  2. Click the green Notifications button
  3. Follow your team and choose to receive updates via e-mail or text

Let us know if you have any questions about sharing your schedule and results.