Sometimes, when the weather is bad or there are unforseen circumstances, you need to shift games around and shorten game times.

To shift games:

  1. Access your tournament.
  2. If your schedule is published, click Scheduling > Save/Restore to save the current version. If your schedule isn't published yet, skip to step 3.
  3. Click Scheduling > Batch.
  4. Click on the colored box representing each individual game you'd like to shift.
  5. Above the schedule preview, enter the amount of time you want to shift. (For example, enter 60 to move the times forward 60 minutes, or -60 to move the times back 60 minutes.)
  6. Click Shift Games.

To shorten games:

  1. Click General Info
  2. Change the Schedule Increment as needed. Note that this does not change any game times on the schedule.
  3. Click Save.

After shifting or shortening games:

  1. If necessary, go to Fields/Courts > Default Availability to shift the start/end times of the field hours.
  2. Review your schedule to make sure there are no errors from Schedule > Batch.
  3. When you're ready to publish, scroll up to the top of the page and click the "Click Here to publish tournament" link.