The Drag/Drop tool allows you to place a game into a field's time slot.

Before you place a game incorrectly, we'll warn you by blacking out the time slots that will cause conflicts.

You'll be warned before you:

  • try to schedule back to back games (set on the General Info page.)
  • attempt to schedule where there are schedule restrictions.
  • attempt to schedule games where teams are coached by same person.
  • place bracket games in the wrong order.

Note: Before you can start scheduling, you will need to ensure you have set your Court/Field Availability.

To schedule a game using the drag/drop feature:

  1. Access the tournament you're scheduling games for.
  2. Go from Scheduling > Drag Drop.
  3. You will see your games placed across the top of the page. Drag and drop the game into the correct date/time/location.
  4. Any movement will be saved automatically.

When finished, if you have games with errors, they will be shown in black boxes with red font. You may hover over the game to view the error and move it accordingly.