The Tourney Machine Bracket Builder allows you to build any bracket you can think up.

To access the bracket builder:

  1. Access your tournament.
  2. Click on Divisions.
  3. Select your division.
  4. Click on Bracket.
  5. Use the Bracket Builder to create your tournaments. If you would like to use a bracket template, click Select from Bracket Templates. You may also Copy Bracket from Another Division/Tournament if you've already worked out a template. Or, you can build a bracket from scratch.
  6. When done, click Save Bracket.

The Bracket Builder tool bar in depth:

  • Add - Add games, final, notes, or page breaks.
  • Copy - Select and copy brackets.
  • Border - Choose the border on select games to change the direction of the bracket tree.
  • Remove - Select items for removal, or remove all items from the page to start over. Be sure to click Save Bracket after removal.
  • Shift Menu - Move selected items up, down, left, or right in set increments. Or, select an item to move it freely.
  • Select Menu - Select individual items, or select all items on the page.