Using Tourney Team, you can track standings for an entire season/series. After setting up the points system, teams' standings will be automatically tracked as they play events through the season.

NOTE: Teams must register for events through a coach account in TourneyTeam in order to track standings.

To set up your point system:

  1. Click Front Office.
  2. Go to Team.
  3. Click your Team Name.
  4. Click Settings.
  5. Scroll down to Rankings and Points System and make sure that the Point tracking is turned on. Fill out the rest of the form as desired.
  6. When finished, scroll all the way down and click Save Season.

Next, you'll have to set up your points.

  1. From within the Front Office, click Teams.
  2. Click Points Setup.
  3. Fill out the form as desired.
  4. Click Save Changes.