Pool games are games where teams in each pool play the other teams in that pool. Teams must be assigned to pools before generating pool games.

To generate pool games:

  1. Click Divisions.
  2. Select your Division.
  3. Click Pool Games.
  4. Click Generate Games.
  5. Enter the number of pool games you would like each team to play.
  6. Click Generate Games.

NOTE: You can generate cross-pool games, but not cross-division games. 

To add additional pool games:

  1. Click Pool Games > Bulk Edit Games to set the date, time and location for each matchup.
  2. When finished, click Save All Games.

You can also use the Round Robin Matchup Generator to:

  • Generate more pool games than there are teams in the pool/division
  • Generate matchups by pool

NOTE: An odd number of teams cannot play an odd number of games. To avoid this:

  • Give each team an even amount of games to play
  • Give one team an extra game to satisfy another team's last game. You can mark this as an Exhibition Game so that everyone is ranked based on the same amount of games.