Below are the available tie-breakers to choose from.

  • Goals/Points/Runs/Sets Allowed - The total of a team's score. The higher total wins.
  • Goals/Points/Runs/Sets Differential - Determines the difference between a team's score vs. their opponents. The largest differential wins.
  • Goals/Points/Runs/Sets Scored. The total of a team's score. The higher total wins.
  • Head-to-head - When three teams are tied, head-to-head is based on the record or points against the teams they are tied with. If all teams have an identical record, the next tie breaker method will be used. This tie breaker is ignored if the teams do not play each other an equal number of times.
  • Head-to-head Two Teams Only - When two teams are tied instead of three. This tie-breaker is ignored when three teams are tied.
  • Points - A specific value is allocated for Win, Loss, and Tie. Typically, 3 points are assigned for a win, 0 points for a loss, and 1 point for a tie.
  • Record - Computed as (Wins + 0.5 * Ties) / (Wins + Ties + Losses).

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