User roles give specific people access to certain levels of your system, so that they can help you manage your tournament.

  • Admins have full control over the Tourney Machine account.
  • Tournament Managers can perform all functions within a tournament. They have access to scheduling, score posting, bracket building, etc. They will not have access to the "Admin" section of the account.
  • The Post Scores role allows the user to post scores to a tournament only. They will not be able to change schedules, or perform any other function of managing the tournament or admin functions.
  • The Stats role allows users to enter the system through a stat keeping software, such as iScore, to pull games and rosters.
  • Tourney Cast Broadcasters are only able to log in to the system through The Cube to broadcast games. (NOTE: This role no longer exists!)
  • The Coach role is automatically assigned to users who create a coach account in Tourney Team.

Additional Information: Creating Additional Users